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Spring!! Is it really almost here? This has been a very difficult winter for many—deaths of loved ones, illness, blowing snow, record low temperatures, high utility bills, closures, etc. But, as always, Spring brings a new sea-son and a new beginning. It has never changed since the beginning of time and will continue forever.

Since the complex is closed in January and February, the decision was made to not have our parking lot plowed during this time (to cut expenses.) We may have to re-think that next winter! We still needed access to the com-plex to check phone messages, check the furnaces and plumbing, etc. We had planned to work in the office/work room of our annex located at First St. Mark’s next door. However, our only key to the church is kept at Brandville! So over the drifts and through the snow we tramped to gain access to Brandville to get the key! Once the key was obtained, the next question was how to gain access to the church which was on the far side of the "Alps Mountains" drifts! But using our "ingenuity" we managed and our work day went on as planned and some much-needed reorganization of storage items was accomplished.

The trustees have decided to launch yet another event this year. This will be held in October and will focus on "paranormal" (ghosts) activity. It is being co-chaired by Betty Metz and Michelle Quilter and sounds like it will be a fun-filled family event. You’ll find more information elsewhere on this web site.

Let’s just preview 2015—-

March—Public Meeting; April-Spring Tea...Trustee Meeting; May—Public Meeting; June-Garden Art Sale... Living History Day Camp...Trustee Meeting; August-All-Member Meeting; September– Fall Tea...Trustee Meet-ing; October-Night At The Museum; November-Trustee Meeting; December-Holiday Tour of Homes

Hmmm, that just leaves July with nothing special happening. But don’t despair, the trustees are thinking about something to fill that month, too.

Watch your future Brandville Bits for details as these events near. Please be reminded that you receive this newsletter because you are a current member, so if you’ve not yet renewed your membership, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Thanks to everyone for allowing me the pleasure of being your President; it’s my privilege.

                                                                                                              Connie Isbell, Interim President





Our complex is open 10 am-2 pm each Thursday (excluding holidays). Closed during the months of January and February.  Additional arrangements can be made for a tour by a trained docent for groups of 4 or more.  There is no charge for this, but donations are welcome.  

Our Email Address:  ojhs@att.net

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