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Preserving the History of Our Community
About Us

   The Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society

The society was established in 1963 by a group of local citizens led by Miss Josephine Fassett, a prominent educator and influential citizen.  It was incorporated in the State of Ohio as a non-profit organization.

The purpose of this organization is to:

  • foster and promote interest in the history and background of the City of Oregon and the surrounding areas;
  • promote the preservation of historic sites and buildings and to maintain a museum to collect, acquire, preserve and store papers, charts, maps, documents, photos, artifacts and media portraying the history of the community served by the organization.
  • sponsor events that bring history to life in our community.

  An important asset has been the book History of Oregon and Jerusalem, Vol. I,  written  
  by Miss Fassett.  Vol. II, published in 1977, was written from her notes.  Limited copies of
  both volumes are available for purchase.

  Our society was housed in several locations until Brandville School was purchased in
  1975. Built in 1882, Brandville School was the first two-story, two-room brick school in
  Oregon Township.  It closed in 1926 and was purchased by First St. Mark Lutheran Church
  for weekly services but was later closed.   It remained vacant for 50 years until our
  purchase.  It had fallen into disrepair, but through the efforts of dedicated volunteers it
  was restored much to its original design.  In 1994, Brandville School was placed on the
  National Register of Historic Places with the United States Department of the Interior.

  The first floor houses displays of local artifacts which are changed on a regular basis.  It is
  used as a meeting room and is available for rent for a modest fee.  There is also a large
  display of artifacts from the Native Americans who once lived in the Great Black Swamp.

The second floor is the military room.  Displayed are artifacts from every major conflict in which the United States has been involved, dating back to 1812 and continuing to the present.   Showcased is the 1880 painting by Gilbert Gaul depicting Ohio Volunteer Battery H Artillery at the Battle of Cold Harbor, Va. in June 1864.  The painting was loaned to the prestigious Toledo Museum of Art and showcased in 2015 in their exhibit commemorating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.  There are a number of outstanding artifacts in this room:

       -  pistol of  Peter Navarre, c. 1812;

       - uniform blouse of  Frederick Nims, close friend of Gen. George Custer, c. 1861;

       - infantry musket, Civil War, c. 1870

       -  officer braid of Col. Samuel Sturgis, c. 1870;

       - World War I trench art, c 1917

       -  World War II medals and memorabilia of local heroes, c. 1941-45;

       -  World War II Home Front display with recruitment posters, ration stamps, items with "Kilroy was here" and "Rosie 
           the Riveter

         -  tributes to seven local young men who lost their lives in Viet Nam. 

The exhibit is handicap accessible.

In addition,  on our campus is a restored one-room portable school, also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, complete with desks, blackboard, pot-belly stove and other items used in the late 19th century.

A reproduction carriage house contains a replica of a local general store with a kitchen, post office, and laundry displays.
Farm implements, tools and devices used by local tradesmen in a bygone era has recently been developed. Currently being constructed is a display of local fire department artifacts.

The second floor has vignettes of a doctor’s office, barber shop, ophthalmologist office and a sitting room and bedroom. A working pump organ is also displayed.

In 2016, a horse barn was added to the complex.  This fourth building houses our life-size dapple gray horses, antique sleigh and related items.

The Society office, library, extensive genealogy files and archival storage are located in our annex, located in First St. Mark's Church next door.

The complex is open the first and third Thursday of each month 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and by appointment.  Closed the months of January and February.




Board of Trustees / Oregon-Jersualem Historical Society

Betty Metz, President  (2019)
Michelle Quilter, Vice-President (2020)   
Marilyn Ulrich, Recording Secretary (Appointed)
Betty Metz, Corresponding Secretary (Appointed)
Bonnie Olson, Treasurer (Appointed)

Miriam Patznick, (2021) 
Marcia Hayes, (2021)
Linda Apling, (2021)
Kathleen Pollauf, (2021)
LeRoi Bassinger, (2021)
Sharon Newton, (2020)
George Hart, (2020)
Dick Isbell, (2019)
JoAnn Flanagan, (2019)
Al Adam, (2019)
Connie Isbell, Ex-Officio
Kathy Clark, Curator

(Year) indicates the year the trustee’s term expires

The president and vice-president are trustees who are selected by the
other Board Members to serve for a two-year term in that office.



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